Wish For Tomorrow – A Story To Remember

‘Wish For Tomorrow’ reveals the heart of equality, through the lives of two Aussie men.

Director Pierre-Nicolas Panasci brings us a story of passionate love, heartbreaking tragedy, a fight for equality and a call for acceptance.

Wish For Tomorrow‘ is inspired by the true story of Shane Bitney Crone and his partner Tom Bridegroom that went viral in 2012, which became the subject of widespread debate and a push for same-sex equality across the United States. The film also draws its inspiration from a same-sex couple living in Perth, who happened to tragically share a very similar life event.

The film takes place between the city backdrop of Sydney and the coastal landscape of Perth. Lead characters Michael, played by Brayden Dalmazzone, and James, played by Mitchell Why, first meet in an art gallery in Sydney where a romance will blossom. Their relationship is set to face many obstacles, which are not uncommon amongst gay men who form new relationships in this modern age. A factor in their relationship that proves to be the biggest obstacle is the struggle that James must face with being madly in love with Michael, whilst still keeping his sexuality a secret from his family.

Despite moving forward in the year 2015, there are many same-sex couples in Australia where one person is yet to announce their sexuality and relationship for fear of losing their family. This film does well in portraying the different views of each individual as Michael yearns to be open and free with his love while James continues to hide his sexuality and relationship from his parents.

Get ready to reach for the tissues as an unexpected tragedy tears apart the life of the couple who were madly in love. Witness the heartwrenching moments when Michael has to face the torture of never seeing his soul mate ever again. A torturous event made worse by Jame’s family failing to accept the truth about their beloved son and doing their best to keep the secret that their son had kept for so many years before.

The film is an incredibly raw experience that is bound to affect both gay and straight individuals alike. You will feel the emotions of either Michael or James, or even both, if you have personally experienced these situations in your lifetime. Director Pierre-Nicolas Panasci wanted his film to not only reach out to same-sex couples, but to also reach out to straight couples who may not yet understand the importance of equality and acceptance in the world we live in.

‘Wish For Tomorrow’ will be screened in Sydney on Tuesday 14th April 2015 at Chauvel Cinemas, Paddington.

Details and ticket information can be found here – There are less than 50 tickets remaining for this screening.


The main title song, “In Your Name” by Nick Summerfield, captures the pure essence of emotions associated with this film.

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