What is Thrashing Without Looking?


It’s definitely not sex in the toilet, even if that is a good thrashing. To find out what it is exactly, I spoke to the passionate Tristan Meecham from Aphids.

Thrashing Without Looking is an immersive and engaging experimental show by Aphids, an artist-led cultural organisation. Thrashing Without Looking is filled with so much awesomeness; people’s senses will overdose from the spinning disco balls, the flashing strobe lights or the karaoke singing. Let’s not forget the Champagne that’s on the house, or my personal favorite – raining confetti!

The show has a loose narrative that is directed by the participants. Some people are given video goggles to strap on. Those not wearing goggles sit in the director’s chair and call the shots. The video goggles stream a live cinema experience back to those wearing the goggles. The two worlds intertwine and collide creating a splendiferous world.

For some folk, the goggles are a thrilling and liberating experience. “It’s almost like a roller coaster ride,” said Tristan. On the flip side, some people find them restricting. The goggles force people’s other senses to become heightened, and immediately they hear and smell like never before.

Get excited because the show kicks off its national tour at The Brisbane Powerhouse on 25 July 2012, and then moves on to each capital city for a good thrashing. Frisk the dates below or stalk the Aphids website for more information.

Brisbane Powerhouse
25 – 28 July 2012

Performance Space, Sydney
1 – 4 Aug 2012

Darwin Festival
10 – 12 Aug 2012

Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart
15 – 18 Aug 2012

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
22 – 25 Aug 2012