We Don’t Want To Know But We’ve Got To Know Our Status

By now you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the HIV Foundation Queensland’s videos. In my previous post I looked at What’s The Difference Between a HIV Negative Person And a HIV Positive Person?. In that post 31 year old, Nic sums it up saying that the only difference between him and a HIV negative person is a 15-minute roll in the sac or as David Reid on facebook added “the difference is about 1 pill a day…”


In this video, titled Testing, they follow the lives of two very attractive men. Ji Wallace and Allen both contracted HIV at a young age. The interesting thing is both are extremely fit and healthy men. Ji of course is famous for winning Gold in the 1996 Olympic Games and Allen works in hospitality and clearly loves the beach.

Together they break the HIV stereotype. These are men who are passionate and dedicated. Not only do they break stereotypes of who we think contracts HIV but they brake what an HIV positive person looks like. Just look at them, they are very healthy looking men. In fact they look great! Which reinforces that you can’t tell if someone has HIV by looking at their appearance and let’s not forget that you can’t rely on asking them either.

For all the stereotypes they break, the message is clear. You don’t want HIV but if you get it you’re not alone, it’s not ­­­­­a death sentence. Life does go on.

I especially want young guys to know their status. We’ve all heard it a thousand times get tested regularly. As Ji says, just know your status.