United Fruit: Possibly The Campest Video of 2015


The Dildorado boys in Stockholm have possibly gone bananas with what could possibly be the campest video of 2015! United Fruit is their latest release and it gets rainbow points not only for being super camp but it’s a tribute video to the Stonewall riots of 28 June 1969, some 46 years ago in New York City.

“Millions of LGBT-people know that modern Pride-festivals wouldn’t exist without the brave heroes of 1969. But many young people simply haven’t got a clue. Together with Stockholm Pride, we hope to fill the information gap with some ”serious fun”.

Bag of Fruits

Now this is clearly not everyone’s bag of fruit but there’s something cool about dressing up in sailor boy outfits and dancing around with pride flags while singing. When the world is just that little bit too serious, it’s great to have over the top, camp explosion all over your screen.

United Fruit: Let’s play a game

Who has at least once in their life sucked on a banana or any fruit like this? Confess or gloat in the comments below.
Dildorado – United fruit (Pride anthem)

The Breakdown

Rainbow Points