Tutus, Tiaras And Tantrums On Stage In Fat Swan


Hey everybody, time to shake your tail feathers because the Fat Swan is back! Trevor Ashley is coming to Brisbane to play with his boys and girls! But maybe you should leave the kids at home, because this is an adult only pantomime.

I met up with Trevor to talk about his busy schedule and the surprises he has planned for Fat Swan. I arrived early and ready with my camera, dictaphone and best smile. While I was waiting, I felt relaxed but when it was time to meet him, I could feel I was tensing up a little.

He was having lunch with friends and they invited me to join them. I had already eaten but that didn’t mean I couldn’t watch, critique and tease Trevor about what he eats. It wasn’t difficult to get a conversation started. He’s a charismatic man, and words flow from his tongue like smooth liqueur. While he finished his meal, he gave me some insights into the show.

Fat Swan stars Trevor Ashley, Lisa Adam (Jersey Boys, The Rocky Horror Show), Genevieve Lemon (Priscilla, Billy Elliot) and Brendan Moar (TV’s The Renovators). The show references classic dance films Fame, Centre Stage and Black Swan and, according to Trevor, has all the moments and characters you know and love.

“When I first saw Black Swan at the movies, I was laughing the whole time, it just used so many clichés and I thought the story was ripe for parody.

In Fat Swan, weve used all the classic dance-story elements – the rivalry between dancers, the sleazy choreographer and the controlling stage mum. Weve also included  lesbian experiences, paranoia and psychoses and added old-fashioned panto fun, audience participation and sequins.”

There’s a lot more to enjoy than your favorite characters and clichés. Trevor has an eye for spotting the hunky men in the audience and knows how to get them into an anal-tastic simulated“fun”canon!

Everybody is talking about Trevors busy schedule. He came off a plane days ago from his Mediterranean all-mens gay cruise where he was spinning men into boys. Trevor also created Showqueen, a weekly cabaret night at the Supper Club in Sydney, which features special guests each week.

In 2012, Trevors pilot television show The Very Trevor Ashley Show will air on SBS, and he begins work on his next show, Trannie. However, before you go and get all Trannie fixated, its time to call your queens and dropout drama friends, pop open a bubbly at the Powerhouse and settle down to enjoy the Fat Swan Panto.

The show is on at the Powerhouse from Wednesday 14 to Saturday 17 November 2012. Book your tix here.

See you on opening night!

UPDATE: See the photos from opening night of Fat Swan.

Watch Trevor talk about his show