Transgender Man Recreates Adam Levine’s Nude Photo


Transgender man Aydian Dowling makes history with a recreation of Adam Levine’s eye-catching nude photo.

Four years ago Adam Levine famously stripped down for Cosmopolitan UK, which featured Adam completely naked except for a pair of hands strategically covering his manhood, to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. This year, for an upcoming issue of transgender-centric magazine “FemaleToMale“, transgender male model Aydian Dowling worked with FTM publisher Jason Robert Ballard to recreate the nude portrait for the magazine cover.

Aydian Dowling Adam Levine Transgender Photo

The image of Aydian Dowling has received positive reviews from both straight and LGBT identities. Many people have commented on first glance that they did not even know that Aydian was a transgender male, which is exactly what was intended for the recreation.

Aydian is the owner of the trans-oriented clothing company, Point 5cc, where proceeds from the store go toward getting binders and surgeries for the trans men. He is also an artist, motivational speaker and an advocate for trans rights.