The GLBN Celebrates One Amazing Year at Their Christmas Party


It’s that time of year when people knock back a few drinks, wrap presents and then unwrap them again. For the GLBN, it’s been like that all year round. At every event, there’s been a good amount of liquid flowing with members talking about everything from their day to what’s happening for their businesses and careers in the Brisbane market.

At the GLBN events, a charity is usually given the limelight. A charity spokesman takes the stage to tell us what work they really do as opposed to what we think they do.

But this year’s Christmas party was different. As Tyrone, the newly elected President said, “Tonight is all about you, the members”, and so complimentary cocktails were handed out – with mocktails for people like me.

The gifts didn’t end there. Robert Cavallucci was invited on stage to tell us why he awarded the GLBN $35,000. Impressed with the momentum of the committee, he donated the funds to support business growth within the LGBT Brisbane market. Support that seems lacking from the LNP right now, especially when the LNP are withdrawing funds from everyone – not just the LGBT community.

This business growth is, in itself, a great milestone for the GLBN, and has a lot to do with the committee and the support of its members. A better gift could not have been wrapped and unwrapped, bearing in mind that the new committee started a year ago with 10 passive members and has grown to over 100+ participating members.

With a sense of victory and festivity in the air, our vivid community celebrated not so much that which was, but rather that which will be. I personally am looking forward to their events in 2013 — so should you!

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