The Devil Wears Leigh Buchanan


On the first season of Project Runway, producers were elated with Leigh’s quick one liners and his personality on and off camera, so amused they even instructed the editors to recut the first episodes of the show, concerned that their debut season would be subtitled ‘The Leigh Buchanan Show.’

Now Leigh has turned his fashion design flair and funny bone into a career in Cabaret at Brisbane Powerhouse 05 and 12 December as part of the new Wonderland Festival. With a voice to match, Leigh sings mashups of classics, disco and pop as he tells of a hilarious and scandalous secret that would make front page news on every online tabloid.

Gay Aussie caught up with Leigh recently between wedding dresses and costume designs for Wuthering Heights:

First of all how’s Barb and your Nanna?

LB: Both girls don’t get out as much as they’d like, but Barb’s looking forward to hosting a camp street party in Adelaide in November, and Nanna will probably keep to her monthly baking of Lady Flow pumpkin scones.


Is it really true you have a weakness for ranga men?

LB: More than a weakness! …not imperative tho…but extra ticks for green eyes, freckles, glasses and cello playing!


Which celebrities do you make tribute too in your new show?

LB: There’ll be a couple of surprises, but it’s a show about the places, songs and stories that made me the eclectic person I am today.


Do you dig up the dirt and reveal any scathing gossip?

LB: Probably not, I’m not really a bitch (ha! Autocorrect changed that to butch, ironic – hmm I’ll google “Morisette scandals”)


Are you a fashion or style icon?

LB: I’d much prefer to be thought of as stylish than fashionable, trends come and go, style is forever.


Will any fashion designers be hurt in the making of your show?

LB: Probably just me.


What’s some style advice to young guys breaking out on the gay scene?

LB: Same for anyone in any scene really, just be yourself and honest with yourself, peer pressure is a waste of time and hair spray!


Who’s been your biggest mentor on Australian TV?

LB: Oh so many!!! But there’s always been a place in my heart for Bert (does he just get a first name like Kylie?)


Lastly, do you prefer, white, red or sparkling?

LB: Depends on the weather and time of day, but always Champagne!

Tickets on sale now to ‘The Devil Wears Leigh Buchanan’ Book today here.