The Cray Cray Events Of BQFF 2014


With so much happening at this year’s Brisbane Queer Film Festival you might feel a bit cray cray! And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, let’s break it down and even let Troy the festival producer talk you through it all.

Wait there’s more, I was lucky to catch up with Barbara Windsor-Woo who got a bit cray cray herself as she talked me through her dildo antics at Camp Out with a real enthusiasm for stud-in-the-mud!

These are the must-see-or-die events of BQFF2014


BQFF Opening Night

Catch a wave and cruise the Caribbean under palm trees with coconuts in hand. Dance the night away with special guest performances by local divas Naomi Price and Ellen Reed, queen of the night Vollie LaVont, and dancers Gregory Dunn and Jake Harrison. Fall in love to the rhythms of your favourite songs with DJ Ish and the unstoppable Harry K as bodies dance in the sand and tropical drinks melt in your hand.

Q&A Screens & Queens

Matthew Mitcham Screen and Queens

Matthew Mitcham Screen and Queens

Meet Olympian Matthew Mitcham as he discusses the twists and turns of being an elite athlete who is gay and out.  At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Matthew Mitcham performed the single greatest dive in Olympic history to win a gold medal.  Matthew compares the challenges portrayed by a homosexual professional in Victim in the 1960s to his own experiences, and questions if times have really changed. Join him as he discusses the professional concerns of coming out as a gay man and the effects it may or may not have had on his career.

Camp Out

Brisbane Queer Film Festival's Camp Out 2014

Brisbane Queer Film Festival’s Camp Out 2014

Get your gay best friends together, pack your pillow and your sleeping bag, bean bag, blow up or roll out for an epic 12-hour overnight screening of festival faves. Join ‘camp’ leader Leigh Buchanan (Project Runway) and his nemesis Barbra Windsor-Woo as you’re transported back to school camp with games, prizes for best dressed onesie, fashion parades and secret entertainers. After a remarkable night, enjoy a hot breakfast cooked by the gorgeous BQFF Ambassador Jake Harrison before you leave Brisbane Powerhouse to bask in the morning sunshine. BYO portable bedding to make yourself comfortable on the flat floor space or raked seating. Snacks and refreshments will be available throughout the event.

Closing Night and Dragathon Competition

Host Damien Anthony Rossi (The Sunday Mail) interviews costume designer Tim Chappel (Academy Award winning costume designer) about his Priscilla journey. Discover how the film made its way to the stage as a major Broadway musical and to Network Ten’s I Will Survive. Listen to Tim’s recollections of the trials and tribulations of working on a film with very little budget, shot in the middle of nowhere. Learn about the film’s secrets and the behind-the-scenes antics including Tim’s cameos in the actual film. Hear about the iconic thong dress and the upstaging of the American Express dress worn by Lizzy Gardiner to the 1994 Academy Awards. After the Q&A, watch Priscilla for the first time on a big screen since it opened in New Farm in 1994 at the old Village Twin cinemas.

Join Lidia Box and special guest judges including Academy Award winning costume designer Tim Chappel. Watch as three of Brisbane’s most lovable drag artists compete against each other to transform a beautiful straight male contestant into a debutante drag queen to become the very first Miss BrisVegas.

Party on with Priscilla-inspired drag spots from all your favourite drag identities and dance the 2014 festival away to party anthems from DJ Ish.

Q&A Camp Beaverton: Meet The Beavers

The directors of Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers discuss the difficulties of shooting a documentary in only few days in a desert plagued by lengthy dust storms. Join host and BQFF ambassador Jane Fuller as directors Beth Nelson and Ana Grillo share their behind-the-scenes stories. Learn about their experiences filming in a sex-positive, queer theme camp and gaining the trust of their subjects – some of whom may not be out in the real world and don’t want to be within an inch of the camera.

Q&A Monster Pies

Q&A Monster Pies

Q&A Monster Pies

Meet lead actor Tristan Barr as he discusses ‘playing’ gay. Monster Pies is about the hurdles of coming out, bullying and parental and societal disapproval. BQFF ambassador Tyronne Curtis talks to actor Tristan Barr about these necessary subjects and how every generation should have a film to relate to as they navigate their own coming out process. Tristan Barr has been in feature length films including Monster Pies (Best Film at MQFF 2013), Beckoning the Butcher, 48 Shades and Girl Clock. Tristan has also had recurring roles in the TV shows The Sleep Over Club and Your Worst Animal Nightmares. A screening of Monster Pies follows the Q&A.

However you feel, cray cray or not, share it with your friends that way they can join the fun too! This is not the BQFF to miss! See you at the fest!