Taylor Swift Shakes It Off And Then Hyperventilates

Now, who doesn’t love a good ass shaking track? Not me, my booty loves to move and thanks to Taylor Swift’s latest track which debut August 18 it’s been bouncing around and getting it’s daily recommended exercise.


I was surprised by this track because I’ve never been into Taylor’s country pop music. Maybe, because it doesn’t have that country-esque back drop or maybe it’s because of it’s good vibes and upbeat tempo that it has me want to share her song with you. Of course the hater are gonna hate hate hate hate. I’m just going to shake it off.

The lyrics are in direct response to all the gossips she’s had to endure since raising to international stardom. In an interview with The Guardian, the singer opened up about what inspired her to write the uptempo tune about brushing off the haters.

“In the last couple of years I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that anyone can say anything about me and call TMZ or Radar Online or something, and it will be an international headline,” she told the publication. “You can either go crazy and let it make you bitter and make you not trust people, and become really secluded or rebellious against the whole system. Or you can just shake it off and figure that as long as you’re having more fun than anyone else, what does it matter what anyone else thinks? Because I’ve wanted this life since I was a kid.”


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