Tackling the Promotion of PrEP – The ComePrepd Video Skit


ComePrepd, the initiative by QuAC to promote PrEP among LGBTIQ Queenslanders has really kicked off now with the release of their first video skit.

The video makes light of a moment when you may have wish you came more prepared – which is what PrEP is all about – being sure in oneself that you’ve prepared yourself the best you can for the decisions you make in your sex life to prevent HIV transmission. PrEP means HIV negative people can now take more control and make safer sex their own prerogative.

PrEP – which stands for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis – is a single table taken once a day that dramatically reduced the chance of HIV transmission. In fact so far only ONE single person out of over 40,000 people taking PrEP has contracted HIV. Condoms have a much higher failure rate which really makes PrEP a leading method of preventing HIV transmission that HIV Negative people can use.

See the video below.

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Visit the ComePrepd website for more information including how to access PrEP.