Straight Guy Brought To Tears By Gay Choice Question

It’s often a question that straight people don’t really understand, and that’s the question of “Is being Gay a choice?”.

For many of us who are openly gay we know that this wasn’t a choice, but there are still a few people out in the world who continue to believe it is a choice. Recently we highlighted a video that was filmed by a young boy in the US who recorded his family’s horrendous reaction to finding out he is gay. The footage was seen all over the world and thankfully the young boy received a lot of support from the wider community.

A YouTuber by the name of Chris Thompson, aka. SupDaily06, was so outraged that he took to making a video discussing his views on this topic and asked his fans on twitter, “Would you choose to be straight or gay?” and “Is being gay a choice?”.

Now, since Chris is a straight guy he has never experienced having to come out to his friends or family, but he wanted to know how his LGBT fans felt about this issue. Surprisingly, after reading a fan’s response to one of his questions, Chris suddenly burst out in tears! You can see Chris’ tearful reaction in the video below.