Shangela Laquifa is a WERQIN’ GIRL in her hot new music video. BTW she’s a PRO!


I love it when drag meets music and especially when it has a has a hot music video. Introducing Shangela Laquifa single WERQUIN’ GIRL. It’s sure to make you dance and stutter professional on repeat all day long.

It’s definitely getting a lot of love in the U.S. One of her fans, Jonathan Simmons, said in the comments, “I’ve been jamming to this song religiously and can’t get enough of it!”

Now for the HOTTIES ALERT!! There’s lot of eye candy to appreciate but the dancers from 2.27 – 2.40 really do it for me. I can’t stop replaying that part. I’m a professional!

As us gay Aussies head into the hot silly season, I’m 100% certain this will be blasting in all the gay clubs. I can’t wait to see the crowd go wild when this starts playing.

It’s time to plug in my headphones and strut to work. I’m a Pro™.