Sex With Strangers


Ethan is a self confessed twenty something asshole. He’s a blogger who’s making a decent living from writing about his sexual pursuits with strangers he meets at bars, he’s an egomaniac.

Olivia is a published author crawling her way out of writers block, teaching part time to pay the bills, she’s a puritan approaching forty, dreaming of a sell out come back in the world of books.

Somehow by some coincidence, these two creative creatures get snowed in alone at an off-road Bed and Breakfast in Michigan, with no internet connection, plenty of time to get to know one another’s writing and each other.

Expect alot of sex on stage in this play directed by theatre legend Jennifer Flowers and don’t expect the making out bits are going to be vanilla. The scenes are fleshy, hot and taboo, sex positions never seen on the stage. Thomas Larkin has the naked physique of a Greek statue and Veronica Neave is athletically feminine and stunningly attractive, clothes on and off. Both are brilliant Brisbane actors.

The play opens on Broadway the same weekend, from New York to New Farm Brisbane, this production is going to turn heads and sell plenty of tickets. If there is one theatre event to attend this year it’s Sex with Strangers.

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