QPAC Celebrates its 30th Birthday!


Last week the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) celebrated its 30th Birthday! GayAussie was there to help celebrate – enjoying the free entertainment, backstage tours and hearing about the awesome 30 Tix for U30 promotion.

The EntertainmentQPAC-Poodle-Ladies-Jarad-Mario

There was a variety of entertainers – both at set venues and surprise pop-up and roving performers. From the operatic performer singing ‘Poisoning Pigeons in the Park’ to the lovely Poodle Ladies and their poodle cohorts there was so much to see and experience on the day. The variety of performers and genres covered really meant that anyone who came for the day, or just happened to be at Southbank unawares, would probably have a reason to join in the festivities.

The Backstage Tour

QPAC gave a small group of people every hour a backstage tour – giving us a look at what happens behind closed doors, drawn curtains and cleverly designed backdrops. The start of the tour was in the Playhouse and gave us a look at the set and lighting design for the show Brisbane (playing now!). The lighting designer showed us the huge amount of pre-planning and design work that goes into lighting a play on stage – it was breathtaking to see how the light dappled through the faux Queenslander style house’s floorboards into the space beneath where the play is set. QPAC-Backstage-Mario-Gay-Aussie

After this we were treated to a look backstage – it was amazing how much physical and creative work goes into moving and compiling sets, lighting the shows and utilising special effects. I don’t envy anyone with the job of lifting the counter balances for the system that raises and moves the various set pieces. The cranes are able to lift, from memory, 1 ton each – and that’s to just get the set pieces off the back of trucks!

We were also shown the realistic miniatures used by set and lighting designers to plan how a show is going to work in the performing spaces. These were so detailed and intricate it was like being in the spaces themselves.

30 Tix for U30

QPAC, as part of its 30th birthday celebrations, is selling 30 tickets for $30 each to anyone under 30 years old. The initiative is to encourage a new generation of theatre-goers to see shows they may not normally see. We think this is a fabulous idea and includes shows such as Strictly Ballroom, La Soiree and Dirty Dancing! For more on this promotion, and the shows this is available for, see the QPAC 30 Tix for U30 information page.


Thanks to QPAC for celebrating their 30th in style! I for one can’t wait to see the huge variety of shows that will find their home at QPAC over the next 30 years – one of Brisbane’s most exciting venues.