Polyamory, Love & Social Acceptance

Recently The Guardian published a video where Simon Copland says ‘I’ve got two boyfriends. It’s time polyamory became socially acceptable’.

This got me thinking. Could I handle a polyamorous relationship? I’ve actually encountered someone in one before – but I wasn’t confident enough at the time to ask any in-depth questions. Nor was I a writer for Gay Aussie – which gives me an excuse to ask the questions others only think to themselves. But now, I have plenty of questions. But most of them…well most of them are directed at me. Why do I feel this mix of emotions when imagining myself in a polyamorous relationship? Why am I fearful that my partner, even if I was in an open relationship, would meet someone else…someone better…and choose them instead? This shows an inherent flaw in my self esteem. It may be why I have been single for so long – I can’t truly believe why someone would love me. Guess I better work on that!

Watch the video below, and challenge your own beliefs on what love and a relationship is. We all need to be challenged sometimes so we can move on to better, more positive and healthy ways of thinking.

I think people that don’t agree with polyamorous relationships can be split into two groups – they’re against it for religious or social reasons, or they’re not comfortable enough in themselves and the ability for others to love them so cannot imagine such a relationship working. I think a Polyamorous relationship is fine – any sort of relationship as long as no one is unhappy is fine! But I do think it sets a challenge for many – but who doesn’t love a good challenge?

Watch the video now: