Brisbane’s streets flood with pride


Yesterday the Sunshine state, Queensland, burst open to have its annual Pride Fair Day!

For the first time in its history, Brisbane Pride allowed floats to be a part of the parade. In the early hours of the morning people gathered outside The Wickham Hotel. This was a great achievement for those who were either hungover or would normally have preferred to sleep in on Sunday morning. However, it’s not often that Brisbane has a parade so, of course, people came from all over to celebrate and march as a great family.

The president of Brisbane Pride Festival, Deeje Hancock, opened with an inspiring speech and vision for Queensland. People cheered and whistled in agreement and even their accompanying canine friends barked too! Among the many speakers were QAHC, Rainbow Families, Equal Love and myself represent the We Are Family Campaign; each one touching on a different aspect of this historic day.

Many of my straight friends joined me at their first Pride or Gay event. Later in the evening, my friend Connie told me of her father-in-law’s thoughts of the day. He was  moved and shocked that gays do not have the same rights as he does. He honestly was not aware of the full extent that current laws discriminate against the gay community. When I hear stories like his it further engraves the importance of bringing our straight friends to see, learn and celebrate with us. Only with them does it complete the family circle.

The Pride committee worked hard this year to introduce new successful initiatives, such as the floats. The theme of the festival was the simple yet powerful message, “We are Family.” Perhaps it is this approach that had so many people come together, laugh, dance (and check out the cute talent). Personally, I had a great day, and from what my many friends and new friends told me on the day, so did they.

Enjoy some photos of the parade below.


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