Speeches for the Marriage Equality Bill 2012


What can I say? The Marriage Equality Bill (or bills, as there have been many) has come and gone for now. Even though there was no victory for equality (yet), it was great to have our senators vote and finally speak their beliefs and represent their constituents, as they are obligated to.

Here is a collection of some of the speeches. The topic for many was a passionate one. Politicians have a reputation of being boring only because of their law-jargon filled role. However, there is nothing boring about these speeches. They speak with a feverish conviction, and for once, they are honest and proud to stand by their choices, even if it is against love and equality.

I’ve found ten speeches For the Marriage Equality Bill – and one Against.

If you know of more speeches, please share the links in the comments below.

Those in favour:

Senator Penny Wong, who is a mother and partner to her wife.


Senator Larissa Waters


Senator Louise Pratt


Senator Peter Garrett


Senator Adam Bandt


Senator Anne Urquhart


Senator Tanya Pilbersek


Senator Scott Ludlam


Senator Richard Di Natale


Senator Sarah Hanson-Young


I found one public video against the bill by Senator Wright Scott Buchholz

How do you feel after watching these speeches? Give us your comments.