My Night With Adore Delano

It was a chilly Sunday night in Brisbane at around 10.30pm where my night began. I had arrived in a taxi on the corner of Brunswick and McLachlan Street, which was only a short walk from my intended destination for the evening. After crossing the street from where I left the taxi I headed along McLachlan Street to reach the electrifying nightclub known as Fluffy. With my VIP ticket in hand I was soon ushered inside the venue and provided with a fluorescent orange wrist band that would ultimately lead me to having the best night of my life.


The Adore Delano Effect

It’s now just after midnight and DJ Harry K announces that the first show for the night is about to start! I made my way to the glass panelled railing on the upper floor to find a good vantage point of the main stage.


Out from the shadows I see Adore Delano walk on stage and everyone in the venue goes absolutely wild with screams and cheers. Adore starts by warming up the crowd with her super f*cking cool attitude, and then she sings her first song. I was only expecting one song to be performed, but to my surprise the drag superstar continued to sing an additional two songs!


Following her third song, Adore tells us all that she will be back again for a second time on stage in about an hours’ time. So during the break I continue to mingle with people I know and start making acquaintances with people around me just because I get very social after a few alcoholic beverages.

Soon after, another announcement is made to signal that the next show is about to begin. By this point I have made my way down to the front of the stage to get amongst the enthusiastic crowd. Local Drag Queens Alexei Page, Skye Blue and Jess Whoo perform an entertaining set with the Velvet Motion crew before Adore returns on stage in a new outfit to perform once more for the energetic Brisbane crowd. In the middle of her final performance Adore stuns us all as she leaps off stage to surf the crowd! People were going wild as they rushed in from all directions to grab Adore! I’m pretty sure there were a lot people who managed to grab more than their fair share of Adore Delano if you know what I mean. Once back on stage Adore finished off with a kick ass routine that certainly pleased the Fluffy crowd.



One on One with Adore Delano

The time has come for the exclusive Meet and Greet! It felt like I was in line forever as I waited to meet Adore. Finally I get to the top of the staircase for the private VIP room and I see Adore standing less than a meter away from me. I’m telling myself to be calm and not do anything stupid as I am stepping up to officially meet Adore for the first time. I politely introduce myself and the first thing Adore said to me was, “Hey! You’re a cutie!”. I almost died on the spot from an overdose of excitement! Following the professional photograph I cheekily ask her if I could take a selfie with my iPhone and she was super cool about it and let me take one. I don’t know why, probably because of the multiple bourbons I drank that night, but I thought pulling a “blue steele-pout” was a great idea!


Following the Meet & Greet with Adore I was buzzing with excitement and perhaps a little more intoxicated at this point. So I decided to take it upon myself to find a way to get back up to the VIP room for another opportunity to hang with Adore. And guess what? I totally got upstairs to meet Adore again! But this time there was no pressure to leave, so I got my chance to talk to Adore about her drag and even asked her on some tips on how to do drag make-up. I also got to speaking to her cousin Johnny, who is her assistant, and he is a really cool guy as well.

Not long after chatting with Adore she let me know that she was going to head off to get undressed and come back to party as a boy. I was bold enough to ask the question, “Can I party with you?” and I was met with the response, “Yeah you can!”.

So fast forward probably half an hour or so and here is the boy version of Adore and assistant Johnny by the bar just chilling with their crew and I’m lucky enough to be chilling with them! A couple more selfies are taken and I ask Adore some questions about Drag Race Season 6. I was provided with a very diplomatic response to the whole Laganja Estranja ordeal that occurred in one of the “Untucked Episodes”. Adore’s response was, “It is what it is, and that’s that”, which can be open to interpretation or we can just accept that it was a moment that happened and now it’s over and done with.



I cannot begin to express how cool Adore Delano is as a person! Adore didn’t come off as a snob or anything like that at all despite her success and fame in the industry. I am so glad that I was able to meet one of my Drag Queen Idols and I will forever remember this night as one of the best nights I’ve ever had in my life!

Adore Delano will still be in Australia for a few more days! If you want to see the amazing Adore Delano then you can see her in Sydney tomorrow night (Wed 16th July) at the Midnight Shift. Tickets are still on sale, click here for more info.