Mo-sista Grows A Mo For Movember


Losa Is Doing It For Her Mo Bros!

This could be a first. No kidding. How many women do you know who are growing an actual moustache? Actually, did you even know that some women can grow mos? Losa is making hairs stand on end by doing just that — literally! As far as I know she’s the only lady growing a Mo.

What is her inspiration and what gives her the courage to grow a moustache – something that people may totally give her a hard time for? Simply her love for her father who was diagnosed with depression this year. Not wanting to sit by and hope for the best, she’s taken guys by storm and raised over $6,000 already. As the Spice Girls would say, “Girl Power!”

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See the Mo in action

Our video got broadcasted in the US. See what Right This Minute had to say about Losa. We’re so happy to share Losa’s story and we can’t to share yours too! Remember you can share a story here.