Melt Festival Picnic to Shine at Powerhouse New Farm Park


MELT Festival has officially kicked off and we’ve already seen Gaybies Play with a great local cast of familiar faces and the absolutely gold dripping, nail biting, fist pumping Dangerous Liaisons Play.

MELT Festivals Picnic is here and there’s a lot going on. Here’s a quick schedule to help get you organised and now you can get back to replying to that cute guy that’s probably dying to hear back from you.

At MELT festival’s Picnic this year they have:

  • Entertainment by Michael Griffiths, Emma Dean, DJ Ish and Harry K.
  • Food trucks and stalls
  • Licensed bar so no need to sneak in the booze
  • Community Stall holders
  • HIV Foundation Queensland with their photo booth and no doubt abs to lure you in

MELt Festival Picnic