Meet The Team

The Gay Aussie team are vibrant men and women who love to share ideas, stories and express themselves publicly and beyond their facebook friends.

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Supa Mars

Supa Mars Gay Aussie Founder

Supa Mars, armed with a burning desire to make a difference and a love for sharing ideas founded Gay Aussie. He’s a little bit geeky, definitely cheeky and loves to dance while ironing. Catch his YouTube shenanigans or follow him on Instagram.

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Troy Armstrong

Troy Armstrong

Troy Armstrong is best known for his work on events such as Mardi Gras Festival and 2014 Brisbane Queer Film Festival. A big kid at heart, he spends all his spare time behind the scenes of Children’s TV making fart jokes come to life.

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Jarad Higgins

Jarad Higgins Meet the team

Jarad Higgins, currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, is on a journey of self-discovery after experiencing a rough couple of years. Regardless of his youth he has a large swathe of experiences, featuring both successes and mistakes, to draw from.

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Will Thomas

Will Thomas Gay Aussie

Will Thomas, is a multi-talented guy, half Japanese and half Australian, he served in the Australian Army and now spends his time on YouTube or knocking back as many shots with his favorite drag queens.

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Ashlea Powderly

Ashley Powderly gay aussie

Ashlea, our first female writer is a mother of two gorgeous kids. Recently she discovered that she’s actually bi-sexual and is loving the new freedom to be herself.

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Brad Roberts

Brad Roberts meet the team gay aussie

Brad Roberts’ day job is working for a radio station. He loves travel, art, great design and great food! He believes in life after love there’s love and home is where the heart is.

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