Lush believes in Marriage Equality


We popped into their Queen Street Shop in Brisbane to get invigorated by the bubbly aromas of pride and love. All Lush stores countrywide became a marriage equality base-station where people could sign a petition in support of people’s freedom to marry whomever they want. They had 2 lists floating in the store. Page, after page, after page saw people names and signatures telling the federal government to get on with it and make marriage equality happen now.

Lush campaigns manager, Megan Taylor, said, “We believe every person should have the right to marry the person they love.”

Lush in their generous nature sold their Freedom Foamer bubble bar with 100% of sales going to Australian Marriage Equality. They guys and girls who lobby for marriage equality in Australia and are responsible for adverts like this one.

People in-store got creative with a pen and heart shaped Post-it notes. They wrote, “Do it before America does!” and another summed it all up “love is love.” There definitely was love in the air! Lushes love!

The Freedom Foamer bubble bar is emerald green and it’s glittery too. It smells of fresh lime, grapefruit, freedom and equality. Everyone should pop in and buy some for the great campaign while stock last (for you but especially for those who don’t believe). If you can’t get to a store that’s a pity because they’re so great but don’t fret you can buy the Freedom Foamer online.

A special thank you to Megan, Dominique, Brendan and Katie from the Lush Queen Street shop for their support, enthusiasm and for just being the awesome people they are!

Now it’s time to climb into the bath for some rest and relaxation. Ta ta!