Latino Love: A Guide For Australian Men


As Australia becomes a magnet for South Americans, our fascination with their carefree unconditional happiness and their Ricky Martin good looks can often take us by surprise.

Here are a few tips for Aussie men when Latin love lands on your doorstep:

1. Learn their Lingo – To be called Guapo is very endearing, it makes you feel wanted, but if you don’t know what this means, google translate it instantly.

2. Download Wattsapp – Latinos are very resourceful with their spending and always communicate with multiple texts in the one sentence so your Telstra bill could get kind of costly, best to use a free online form of communication.

3. Prepare for Public Displays of Affection – His passion for hand holding, kissing and embracing at any time, at any place is infectiously liberating.

4. Introduce him to your Parents –  Don’t delay in this introduction, he loves and misses his own family, it’s common for him to be living with his parents well into his thirties (even if you don’t). If you make him part of your family sooner than later, he’ll show another level of respect and affection.

5. Accommodate the drama – Be prepared for intense and in depth analysis of every movie, play and book that you watch and read together. His love of humanity and it’s flaws excite him tenderly.

6. Learn to Roll your ‘R’s – Pronouncing his name can get really embarrassing if you can’t roll your ‘R’s, nicknames won’t sit well with his three word name, neither will any abbreviation unless he formally approves it when you can’t roll your tongue.

7. Prepare for a lot of Sex – Don’t get caught out not being ready to get your kit off at a moments notice. His drive for passion is exhilarating and exciting, match his versatile enthusiasm for his big ride of passion.

8. Give up the Gym – He is a recreational cardio freak. Jog, swim, walk or cycle, he loves increasing his heart rate the old fashioned way. His love for soccer is obsessive.

9. Cook him Dinner – This will show him that you care enough to keep him alive and healthy. He won’t be a fussy eater but he will have an incredible appetite for detail in good after all the sex and cardio.

10. Tell Him How you Feel – Aussie men are terrible at expressing emotion. If you love him, tell him! If you verbalise how much he means to you, it could be very surprising with his honest Latino response.

Good Luck!

What are you top tips when it comes to the Latino Love? Any stories?