In The Name of the Lord What Is Anti-gay American Pastor Doing on Grindr?

matthew makela anti gay pastor on grindr

By now, you would have heard of the very homophobic American Pastor Matt Makela caught out on Grindr. A top who loves making out naked and cuddles with men. Meanwhile, he has a girlfriend and two kids. Matt clearly must be doing a lot of self-hating. Just look at his facebook and you’ll see he really hates them gays… or loves them? It’s complicated?

Thanks to our friends over at Queerty who broke the story.

Midland, Michigan made headlines in March when a local Planet Fitness came to the defense of a transgender woman utilizing the gym’s female facilities. Here’s how Makela framed the conversation to his followers:

Matt Makela anti gay pastor on grindr

Rage Anger

Before everyone sharpens their steak knives (or stilettos for some people) let’s not fall into raging anger. Tempting for some but we’re better than that. How about we look at some alternative outcomes.

1. He Comes Out… finally free to be himself


2. His community welcomes him with open arms (highly unlikely)

Glee cast hug matt makela anti gay pastor

3. He becomes a fabulousness mentor for gay Christians

bitch please im fabulous matt makela anti gay pastor found on grindr

Interestingly, some are calling Grindr the “Karma Account” It has a ring to it. What do you think?