Hercules Movie Review

Featuring Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) the film takes us back to 350BC Ancient Greece. It has your high and mighty King with his vast army of half naked muscle men with swinging swords and innocent villages being burned down by savages.

With an equal list of pros and cons the movie is definitely mediocre. It bothers me that Hercules had an American accent while everyone else was British. And why were there were so many white people when the film was set in ancient Greece? I felt like I was watching an expensive made-for-TV movie. But on the plus side the set design was impressive, the film was fast paced and got straight to the point and it only went for 98mins.

Honestly, if I were a mood ring I would be glowing green with ‘mixed emotions’. If you like films with character names such as Amphiaraus, Eurystheus and Autolycus and you know how to accurately pronounce them, then you’ll like this one. Did I mention the half naked muscle men?!

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