Gay Marriage & Safe Schools – It Seems Like a Joke But It Isn’t


In the past week the Australian’s LGBTIQ people have had to laugh at the absurdity of Australian politicians and the media commenting on LGBTIQ issues. Sometimes it seems like a joke, but it isn’t. These people are serious.

First we have had a lot of talk in the media about the gay marriage plebiscite lately with the best comment going to the leader of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Lyle Shelton, stating that he doesn’t want gay marriage in case people think he is gay. He said that  “if the definition of marriage is changed, it’s no longer assumed that millions of people like myself who are married… that I’m married to a woman. So that affects me straight away! People no longer assume that I’m married to a woman, I’d have to explain myself.”

Then we had an annoyed Australian man get delightfully clever when he decided to make a website called which you would think takes you to a website about the ACL but it is actually a website in support of gay marriage.Support Marriage Equality


Now we have had the Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull relenting to the pressures of Cory Bernardi and the ACL into performing an investigation into the Safe Schools Coalition Australia Program – a program that ‘offers a suite of free resources and support to equip staff and students with skills, practical ideas and greater confidence to lead positive change and be safe and inclusive for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families.’

This has then led into an abrupt exchange on camera between Cory Bernardi and Bill Shorten today where Bill Shorten said “That would be the chap,” referring to members of the government pushing for the defunding of the Safe Schools Program.

Mr Bernardi responded by saying: “At least I’m honest.”

Bill Shorten replied: “No, mate. At least I’m not a homophobe.”

Watch below.

Here at GayAussie we believe the Gay Marriage Plebiscite is a waste of taxpayer’s money, and we also believe that all Australians should be afforded the right to marry.