Fruits With A Twist – May Photo Gallery

Fruits with a Twist is an event where business people and professionals from the gay community come together to talk about anything and everything. I used to go to these events but stopped a while back when life got busy. I’ve recently been going again and I’m loving it.

Brendan Heck is the new president and he has a great team that makes these events both valuable and fun. What I love about these events, it’s a relaxed and informal setting where you have to take your initiative and start conversations with people you don’t even know – my new found joy! I never know what to say or where the conversation will go but after a few words it just works.

It’s events like these where I get to really learn what people are passionate about. While it doesn’t have the same excitement like a live concert, it has a hidden passion. People go into business for all sorts of reasons and mostly they are people who want to change the world, they see a future that could be possible for themselves and their community. The Brisbane GLBN provide a great platform for people to meet other people who are on the same journey.

I’d like to thank both Brisbane GLBN and Out and About Travel. I won the lucky draw raffle which means I’m going to Turtle Cove, Cairns! Like everyone, I love free stuff and that feeling of winning! It made my night and I can’t wait to give Cairns a bit of my latino loving!

Enjoy the photos, kiddos!

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