Finding a Place – How Writing for GayAussie Shaped Me


As a gay man I’ve always felt separate from the gay community – I felt like being gay wasn’t a big part of me, so why did I need to be a part of the gay community? I was wrong and GayAussie has shown me my place in the gay community.. Being gay may not be all I am, but it does differentiate me from most people and this means I do need some support from other LGBTIQ people. gayaussie jarad higgins writer

GayAussie showed me how amazing the gay, or queer, community can be. How vibrant its characters are, how supportive its organisations, and how the spirit of achieving equality and the respect every individual deserves resonates right through it all, giving me a sense of pride in being open and accepting of myself and who I am.

Guys, girls and fur enjoying #MELTpicnic @bris_powerhouse #LuvGayAussie #gaybrisbane #gayaussie #instagay #melt #meltfestival #gays

Guys, girls and fur enjoying #MELTpicnic @bris_powerhouse #LuvGayAussie #gaybrisbane #gayaussie #instagay #melt #meltfestival #gays

I’ve been to events I never would of had the opportunity or desire to go to that have all shown me the many fabulous ways one can express oneself. I’ve met people who are passionate about issues that may only affect some, but issues that all add together to bringing equality and respect to everyone.

GayAussie has been my drive when things have been hard, it has been the energy I needed to push through and just get out there even though things are hard, such as when I first was diagnosed with HIV and felt like isolating myself was the easy solution. This energy has brought me closer to a community that has members that are always looking out to help one another. To make sure we are all being our best selves.

And now, having moved to Sydney, a big city requiring a brave face I’ve found a reason in GayAussie to get involved – opening avenues that have really inspired me such as being part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade this year, and getting out there and attending community events.

GayAussie has really shaped who I am, and also brought into my life so much through connecting me with the vibrant and varied LGBTIQ community. And I can’t wait to see what else it will bring!