Does Being Circumcised Make It Harder To Be Gay?

Circumcision is one of those topics that many people tend to shy away from. It’s a topic that has always flared up debate between doctors and parents around the world. But how does circumcision affect a gay man?

HuffPost Live recently tackled this topic with a panel of guest speakers from the USA and Italy. One of the guests, Brian Levitt, strongly spoke against circumcision by saying that being circumcised as an infant had left him sexually de-sensitized and has affected his life as a gay man. Brian noted that his earlier sexual experiences lead him to “understanding” his body and that he knows that intact men have a more pleasurable sexual experience.

You can watch the full HuffPost Live discussion in the video below

Meanwhile, in Australia, the circumcision rate is at an average of 20%. This might not seem like much, but that’s still 1 in 5 boys who are circumcised. So I’m sure some of you out there are either circumcised or have been with someone who is? Do you think that circumcision affects the sex life of a gay man? Or are you just happy to have a penis close by?

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