Discovering Sydney Mardi Gras. Post Fair Day Show & Tell!


Sydney Fair Day exploded all over the city with its bright rainbow colours. People poured through the gates in varying costumes and risky numbers. I really loved the runners who had come straight from The Colour Run, blasted with rainbow dust. It’s as if the universe conspired to cover even the athletes in rainbows.

The weather was warm and that meant people were wearing tight and sexy outfits. My new friend Thomas aka Slenderman and I were counting the number of shirtless guys. The deal was when we spotted the 69th shirtless guy we would go up to him, hug him, say thanks and snap a photo. Our lucky 69th shirtless guy was visiting from Canada. So you can imagine his surprise when two guys ask for his photo — confused yet flattered. We lost count somewhere around 111 shirtless hunks.

Throughout the day, the main stage was blasting act after act. I melted when I saw gay Aussie Olympian gymnast Ji Wallace. He hosted a segment while others sang with thier back up dancers, Bavarian German pianist cousins and drag queens. He looked mighty fine, and I was secretly hoping he’d take his shirt off. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one appreciating the gorgeous man he is.

I got a whole lot of Rainbow gear while Slenderman morphed into “Rainbow Boy” with his new camp rainbow bandana and vest!!! I, too, got rainbow-fied – check out all the goodies in this little show-and-tell video.

Discovering Sydney Mardi Gras — All about FAIR DAY 2013

Here are the promised links to this weekend’s up and coming Sydney Mardi Gras events. So start booking your tickets to these shows:

Mardi Gras Film Festival presented by Queer Screen // Thursday 14 February 2013 – Thursday 28 February 2013

Battle on the Bent Track // Saturday 16 February 2013

Battle on the Bent Track Official After Party // Saturday 16 February 2013

Queer Thinking // Saturday 16 February 2013