Discovering Sydney Mardi Gras Day 1


Today I woke up in Sydney. Grabbing my camera, I headed into the city. Not really having an idea how the trains worked I asked a conductor (his name is Klaus) for some help. I thought he’d just tell me to go to the machine but instead he came over, grabbed three maps and asked me all the usual questions a tourist in town is asked.

“Where you from?” “How long are you here?” and “What are you doing in Sydney?”

I hesitated as I debated should I tell him the truth: that I’m here for Mardi Gras and in so doing, outing myself as a big homosexual.

Before I knew it, my lips thought for me and I heard myself say, “I’m here for Mardi Gras.”

To my amazement, he smiled and pointed to Oxford Street, Darlinghurst saying, “Well then, this is where all the magic happens.” Super friendly, helpful and he didn’t judge me for being gay.

We chatted more and it was clear he was definitely straight, so there was no flirting. I jumped on the train, impressed.

[quote_right]”People never grow up, they just learn how to act in public.” — Barry White[/quote_right]Rising from the platform to the sunlight I found myself standing in front of Queen Victoria Building with a dog statue that decided to talk – like, really talk, and suddenly, I was in heaven. Could this day get any better? Actually, yes! Across the street was Town Hall. Exactly what I was looking for.

I had seen on Facebook that yesterday The City of Sydney raised the famous Pride flag in Town Hall. So I whipped out the camera and this is what it looks like:

I wanted to film in front of Town Hall, but seriously, there where millions of Sydneysiders walking past and a few looking at my hat. In fact, I heard a voice behind me say, “Nice hat.”

I spun around to find a van had pulled up precisely behind me. The guy was totes friendly but he kind of startled me, so I decided to move to a quieter place where I could film, and this is what I recorded:

Done with recording, I could never have planned what happened next. Those awesome peeps at the end of the video invited me to join them for the day. I met a lot of people who love to hug! Perfect!

I was so amazed at their freedom to be themselves. They call themselves Nerd Fighters. Thomas, who befriended me, explained their view of life, “People never grow up, they just learn how to act in public.”

For a group of young people, they are very wise. I can totally relate to killing my quirkiness to fit into the corporate world. I must have met 30+ people and each one was overtly unique and super happy. Almost (but not really) like kiddies high on cordial (Australian sweet sugary drink) and lollies.

Being so close to Oxford Street, we skipped over to the gayest street in Sydney. I’ve been here twice before when the Mardi Gras parade was in full fabulous swing! No surprise that the street is littered with hunky men and drags. I was in Gay Aussie heaven and could cum! I was in a place where you could walk around wearing sequins and no one would look twice. The only looking that is done on Oxford Street is perving. Which is exactly what my hormones are calling for!

Our trip was not only for perving but other things, too. I’m not going to say what but I will definitely be wearing something spectacular at the Parade, so watch out for the photos.

Ladies, gentleman and gay Aussies; I’m off to rest the body for tomorrow’s Fair Day. I can’t wait to meet more Sydneysiders and continue discovering Sydney Mardi Gras.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, Keep Misbehaving.

Over and out!

Ps. D F T B A