Brainiac Todd Sampson Goes Shirtless for Magazine Cover


Todd Sampson fans adore him for his smarts but thanks to his second run of Redesign My Brain, he’s taken his shirt off to promote the new season. Redesign My Brain, if you watch the first season was amazing. I always made sure to catch the latest episode when it was released on ABC iView. I work in marketing and advertising, so it was especially cool to have Todd who is CEO of Leo Burnett one of the world’s most acclaimed advertising agencies and creator of Earth Hour initiative, walk us through the brain’s ability to learn and reshape behaviour. In Redesign My Brain season 2 he challenges his body.

“My body is also the important vehicle that my brain travels around in. Healthy body, healthy mind is not cliche — it’s science.”

Todd Sampson Shirtless Redesign My Brain 2015 Season 2

Todd Sampson Shirtless Redesign My Brain 2015 Season 2

I love Todd Smapson’s quirky shirts but it was a surprise to learn he has a six pack under there. In fact, he’s being working out for almost every day for the past 30 years.

“Those that know me on TV never see me like that, and don’t think of me from a fitness perspective.

“Fitness has been a massive part of my life. I’ve always believed a strong body means a strong mind. Without that I would never have been able to achieve anything.”

He’s a very attractive sapiosexual and until now he’s only been seen on TV Shows with his trademark slogan shirts.

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