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Gay Aussie – A Vibrant Community

Gay Aussie, the name couldn’t be any more obvious. Our audience are gay Aussies! That’s everyone in the rainbow family, from gay guys and girls, and everyone in between. Everyone! The LGBTIQ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual,  transgender, Intersex and Questioning) is an ever growing community and yet, remains a hard to reach audience. That’s where we come in.

Market research has proved the gay community has high disposable incomes, who enjoy spending big and will not shy from paying top dollar for quality. Those who advertise to the gay community with Gay Aussie are saying they acknowledge, respect and celebrate our community’s vibrant family, love and culture.

Our Partners

Gay Aussie Partners

Gay Aussie works closely with partners to deliver compelling digital partnerships through a strategic mix of advertising, brand recognition, social media campaigns and sponsored posts.

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50000+ Monthly unique website visitsBranner Advertising

Your brand can say ‘Hi’ while our 50,000 monthly visitors read, watch and comment on our site. We have MRECs, Billboards, Leaderboards and Half-page ads spots available +More. All measurable and targetable too!

Native Advertising

We can partner with you to talk about your brand, product and service that appeals to our audience. We say it in text, photos and we do it in video too!

Social Media Advertising

The power of social is not to be missed. Fans love Gay Aussie on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. With a clear message and strategy, we can reach just about any demographic, tailored to your needs.


If you’re going Social you’ll want to ‘inbox’ them too! Our newsletter campaigns are a good tool to support Social and other channels.

We’re Oh-So Social

Across 8 social channels, we talk to 15,000+ fans daily!

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