Absolutely Fabulous Movie Set For 2015


20 years in the making, Jennifer Saunders has finally finished writing the movie for Absolutely Fabulous!

Writer and star of the original hit tv show, Jennifer Saunders, confirmed that she has finished the script for the big screen. Fans from around the world have been delighted by the announcement that a film will be in cinemas by late 2015.


Absolutely Fabulous was a popular UK sitcom that told a hilarious story of two women in the fashion scene who wouldn’t let go of their youth. The hit show ran for five seasons between 1992 and 2003, along with three special episodes in 2012.

Saunders is determined to have the film made by the end of 2015 with original co-star Joanna Lumley. The film is rumoured to be titled “Edina and Patsy”, after the main characters of the show.

We cannot wait to see this film! It’s going to be Ab Fab, Darling!