About Us

About Us Gay Aussie

Gay Aussie celebrates Australian gay culture & international news, everything from marriage equality to that special moment when two guys hold hands for the first time.

We are a positive contribution in the community that fosters pride through education, laughter and inspiration.

From humble beginnings, Supa Mars, created Gay Aussie in his home. Armed with a burning desire to make a difference, Gay Aussie was born. Today it has grown to be a major online publisher, covering Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland, where people go for general news, laughter and entertainment with a gay perspective.

Hey We’re Gay

The name couldn’t be any more obvious. Our audience are gay Aussies! That’s everyone in the rainbow family, from gay guys and girls, and everything in between. Everyone!

Market research has proved the LGBT community has high disposable incomes, who enjoy spending big and will not shy from paying top dollar for quality. Brands affiliated with Gay Aussie are saying they acknowledge, respect and celebrate our community’s vibrant family, love and culture.

Our Motto

Completely Out Of Line

What do we mean when we say completely out of line?

Firstly, we need to look at what a line means. Typically it is straight, linear, predictable and, has a beginning and an end. To be completely out of line is to live without lines. There is no beginning nor end. Nothing is ever predictable and it certainly goes beyond limits.

Gay Aussie Agenda

Our Agenda

Gay Aussie is very clear why we exist. We stand to:

  1. End the conversation that anyone is less-than.
    We believe everyone has something to offer this world and no one is less than anyone else.
  2. Close the gap between gays and straights.
    When it comes down to it, there is no difference, we’re all human beings.
  3. Be the frontline of full self-expression.
    People are their happiest when they express themselves freely. Life is a gift. To express oneself freely and fully is to truly live.

Ultimately, it can be summed up in: One for all and all for one.

Gay Aussie Web Audience Statistics

Gay Aussie Web Statistics

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