A Quick Guide To Tonight’s 37th Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade


Tonight’s parade kicks off at 7pm AEDST, so get in early to secure a great spot along Oxford and Flinders streets to see the parade in full!


First up, you can expect to see the legendary ‘Dykes on Bikes’ and ‘Boys On Bikes’ who will be revving their engines down the main street!

Dykes on bikes

Followed shortly by ‘Team Sydney’ and the ‘Aqualicious’ boys and girls, all promoting sportsmanship, healthy living and building friendships.


Highlights of tonight’s parade include the lead float ‘Freedom’ celebrating indigenous Australians and the 50 year anniversary of the freedom ride led by Destiny Haz on her chariot.


A major highlight is the return of costume icon and belle of Mardi Gras – Ron Muncaster, after a 9 year absence he’s a crowd favourite with award winning costumes that have to be seen to be believed. At the tail end of the parade don’t miss ‘Miss Wagga Wagga’ a huge crowd favourite and ever so graceful this year, the glamour queen is sending out her message of “Always play safe and Happy Mardi Gras”!

Click Here for Full Info on the 37th Annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.