94 Sizziling TOP Party Photos With WILLIAM and Rhea Litré


There’s always one party that really gets Mardi Gras started. For me, TOP was THAT party. High above Sydney, in the 309m Sydney Centrepoint Tower, Nelson De Sousa, Kitty Glitter, Alex Taylor, Stephen Craddock and Superstar DJ Danny Verde (all the way from Italy), unleashed themselves on a very international crowd.

While it was cool and raining outside, the heat from the wild dancing was building inside and the glass quickly turned misty like the scene from Titanic when Leo and Kate have sex in the back seat of the family car. You all know the scene I’m talking about. Now imagine international men and women mixing it up with gay Aussies on the dance floor, high above Sydney streets.

Gate crashing the party - WILLAM & Rhea Litre

Gate crashing the party – WILLAM & Rhea Litre

Then suddenly, the elevator doors opened and in walked Let’s have a Kai Kai duo – WILLAM & the fierce Rhea Litré. The party was turned upside down, shaken, stirred and spat out with ferocity! These bitches wasted no time! TOP party was definitely the party to end all parties that got Mardi Gras started!