62 Sunset Cruise Photos of Mardi Gras


When the sun set on Sydney Harbour a whole lot of International and Aussies gays embarked on the Mardi Gras Sunset Cruise which was hosted by Joyce Maynge and DJ Amanda Louise.

It was a perfect day for sailing in the harbour, with a cool breeze and clear sky. People stood on the rooftop, enjoying the beautiful and very luxurious Sydney Harbour scenery. As dusk gave way to night, the dance floor came alive and it was hilarious to see people trying to look cool and stay on their feet while the boat occasionally rocked side to side.

I would definitely recommend the Sunset Cruise, it’s got the right amount of charm, beauty, dancing and it’s super easy to make friends when they’re trapped on a boat, with nowhere to go! You could say they’re a captive audience…

You need flash to see the photos or you can download the flickr app (free download from App store or Google Play Store). Just search for Gay Aussie.